Publicaciones LMA 2017

El Comité Científico se encarga de proporcionar apoyo científico y asesoramiento al Consejo de Administración. Se compone de científicos reconocidos internacionalmente en el campo de las microscopías avanzadas, con una destacada trayectoria profesional y científica en línea con los objetivos de LMA.
AuthorsArticle TitlePublication YearSource TitleVolumeStart PageEnd PageDOI
Low, T; Chaves, A; Caldwell, JD; Kumar, A; Fang, NX; Avouris, P; Heinz, TF; Guinea, F; Martin-Moreno, L; Koppens, FPolaritons in layered two-dimensional materials2017NATURE MATERIALS16182194
Oksenberg, E; Marti-Sanchez, S; Popovitz-Biro, R; Arbiol, J; Joselevich, ESurface-Guided Core-Shell ZnSe@ZnTe Nanowires as Radial p-n Heterojunctions with Photovoltaic Behavior2017ACS NANO1161556166
Roubeau, O; Natividad, E; Evangelisti, M; Lorusso, G; Palacios, EA magnetocaloric composite based on molecular coolers and carbon nanotubes with enhanced thermal conductivity2017MATERIALS HORIZONS4464476
Sanchez-Lainez, J; Veiga, A; Zornoza, B; Balestra, SRG; Hamad, S; Ruiz-Salvador, AR; Calero, S; Tellez, C; Coronas, JTuning the separation properties of zeolitic imidazolate framework core-shell structures via post-synthetic modification2017JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A52560125608
Zelin, J; Meyer, CI; Regenhardt, SA; Sebastian, V; Garetto, TF; Marchi, AJSelective liquid-phase hydrogenation of fructose to D-mannitol over copper-supported metallic nanoparticles2017CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL3194856
Cacho-Bailo, F; Matito-Martos, I; Perez-Carbajo, J; Etxeberria-Benavides, M; Karvan, O; Sebastian, V; Calero, S; Tellez, C; Coronas, JOn the molecular mechanisms for the H-2/CO2 separation performance of zeolite imidazolate framework two-layered membranes2017CHEMICAL SCIENCE8325333
Mendoza, G; Regiel-Futyra, A; Andreu, V; Sebastian, V; Kyziol, A; Stochel, G; Arruebo, MBactericidal Effect of Gold-Chitosan Nanocomposites in Coculture Models of Pathogenic Bacteria and Human Macrophages2017ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES91769317701
Kallem, P; Drobek, M; Jube, A; Vriezekolk, EJ; Mallada, R; Pina, MPHierarchical Porous Polybenzimidazole Microsieves: An Efficient Architecture for Anhydrous Proton Transport via Polyionic Liquids2017ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES91484414857
Prieto, M; Rwei, AY; Alejo, T; Wei, T; Lopez-Franco, MT; Mendoza, G; Sebastian, V; Kohane, DS; Arruebo, MLight-Emitting Photon-Upconversion Nanoparticles in the Generation of Transdermal Reactive-Oxygen Species2017ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES94173741747
Cacho-Bailo, F; Etxeberria-Benavides, M; David, O; Tellez, C; Coronas, JStructural Contraction of Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks: Membrane Application on Porous Metallic Hollow Fibers for Gas Separation2017ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES92078720796
Acosta, MF; Rodrigo, SG; Martin-Moreno, L; Pecharroman, C; Merino, RIMicropillar Templates for Dielectric Filled Metal Arrays and Flexible Metamaterials2017ADVANCED OPTICAL MATERIALS5
Anaya, M; Rubino, A; Rojas, TC; Galisteo-Lopez, JF; Calvo, ME; Miguez, HStrong Quantum Confinement and Fast Photoemission Activation in CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite Nanocrystals Grown within Periodically Mesostructured Films2017ADVANCED OPTICAL MATERIALS5
Perea-Cachero, A; Sanchez-Lainez, J; Berenguer-Murcia, A; Cazorla-Amoros, D; Tellez, C; Coronas, JA new zeolitic hydroxymethylimidazolate material and its use in mixed matrix membranes based on 6FDA-DAM for gas separation2017JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE5448897
Santoro, S; Vidorreta, IM; Sebastian, V; Moro, A; Coelhoso, IM; Portugal, CAM; Lima, JC; Desiderio, G; Lombardo, G; Drioli, E; Mallada, R; Crespo, JG; Criscuoli, A; Figoli, AA non-invasive optical method for mapping temperature polarization in direct contact membrane distillation2017JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE536156166
Castarlenas, S; Tellez, C; Coronas, JGas separation with mixed matrix membranes obtained from MOF UiO-66-graphite oxide hybrids2017JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE526205211
Gomez, L; de Weerd, C; Hueso, JL; Gregorkiewicz, TColor-stable water-dispersed cesium lead halide perovskite nanocrystals2017NANOSCALE9631636
Garriga, R; Jurewicz, I; Seyedin, S; Bardi, N; Totti, S; Matta-Domjan, B; Velliou, EG; Alkhorayef, MA; Cebolla, VL; Razal, JM; Dalton, AB; Munoz, EMultifunctional, biocompatible and pH-responsive carbon nanotube- and graphene oxide/tectomer hybrid composites and coatings2017NANOSCALE977917804
Gines, L; Mandal, S; Ashek-I-Ahmed; Cheng, CL; Sow, M; Williams, OAPositive zeta potential of nanodiamonds2017NANOSCALE91254912555
Torres, D; Pinilla, JL; Suelves, IUnzipping of multi-wall carbon nanotubes with different diameter distributions: Effect on few-layer graphene oxide obtention2017APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE424101110
Perez-Rodriguez, S; Pastor, E; Lazaro, MJNoble metal-free catalysts supported on carbon for CO2 electrochemical reduction2017JOURNAL OF CO2 UTILIZATION184152
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Clemente, I; Aznar, M; Nerin, CEffect of an active label based on benzyl isothiocyanate on the morphology and ochratoxins production of Aspergillus ochraceus2017FOOD RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL1016172
Ortega-Liebana, MC; Encabo-Berzosa, MM; Ruedas-Rama, MJ; Hueso, JLNitrogen-Induced Transformation of Vitamin C into Multifunctional Up-converting Carbon Nanodots in the Visible-NIR Range2017CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL2330673073
Simsek, ING; Nistal, A; Garcia, E; Perez-Coll, D; Miranzo, P; Osendi, MIThe effect of graphene nanoplatelets on the thermal and electrical properties of aluminum nitride ceramics2017JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN CERAMIC SOCIETY3737213729
Lancelot, A; Gonzalez-Pastor, R; Concellon, A; Sierra, T; Martin-Duque, P; Serrano, JLDNA Transfection to Mesenchymal Stem Cells Using a Novel Type of Pseudodendrimer Based on 2,2-Bis(hydroxymethyl)propionic Acid2017BIOCONJUGATE CHEMISTRY2811351150
Lancelot, A; Claveria-Gimeno, R; Velazquez-Campoy, A; Abian, O; Serrano, JL; Sierra, TNanostructures based on ammonium-terminated amphiphilic Janus dendrimers as camptothecin carriers with antiviral activity2017EUROPEAN POLYMER JOURNAL90136149
Clemente, I; Aznar, M; Salafranca, J; Nerin, CRaman spectroscopy, electronic microscopy and SPME-GC-MS to elucidate the mode of action of a new antimicrobial food packaging material2017ANALYTICAL AND BIOANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY40910371048
Royes, J; Polo, V; Uriel, S; Oriol, L; Pinol, M; Tejedor, RMChiral supramolecular organization from a sheet-like achiral gel: a study of chiral photoinduction2017PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS191362213628
Guzman, R; Gazquez, J; Mundet, B; Coll, M; Obradors, X; Puig, TProbing localized strain in solution-derived YBa2Cu3O7-delta nanocomposite thin films2017PHYSICAL REVIEW MATERIALS1
Fratila, RM; Navascuez, M; Idiago-Lopez, J; Eceiza, M; Miranda, JI; Aizpurua, JM; de la Fuente, JMCovalent immobilisation of magnetic nanoparticles on surfaces via strain-promoted azide-alkyne click chemistry2017NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY411083510840
Kepic, D; Sandoval, S; del Pino, AP; Gyorgy, E; Cabana, L; Ballesteros, B; Tobias, GNanosecond Laser-Assisted Nitrogen Doping of Graphene Oxide Dispersions2017CHEMPHYSCHEM18935941
Cacho-Bailo, F; Etxeberria-Benavides, M; Karvan, O; Tellez, C; Coronas, JSequential amine functionalization inducing structural transition in an aldehyde-containing zeolitic imidazolate framework: application to gas separation membranes2017CRYSTENGCOMM1915451554
Martinez-Perez, MJ; Muller, B; Schwebius, D; Korinski, D; Kleiner, R; Sese, J; Koelle, DNanoSQUID magnetometry of individual cobalt nanoparticles grown by focused electron beam induced deposition2017SUPERCONDUCTOR SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY30
Perea-Cachero, A; Calvo, P; Romero, E; Tellez, C; Coronas, JEnhancement of Growth of MOF MIL-68(Al) Thin Films on Porous Alumina Tubes Using Different Linking Agents2017EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INORGANIC CHEMISTRY25322540
Popova, E; Deb, M; Bocher, L; Gloter, A; Stephan, O; Warot-Fonrose, B; Berini, B; Dumont, Y; Keller, NInterplay between epitaxial strain and low dimensionality effects in a ferrimagnetic oxide2017JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS121
Miranda-Hernandez, JG; Herrera-Hernandez, H; Gonzalez-Moran, CO; Olvera, JNR; Estrada-Guel, I; Villa, FBSynthesis and Characterization of Zn-Ni-x Advanced Alloys Prepared by Mechanical Milling and Sintering at Solid-State Process2017ADVANCES IN MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING2017
Liu, LC; Diaz, U; Arenal, R; Agostini, G; Concepcion, P; Corma, AGeneration of subnanometric platinum with high stability during transformation of a 2D zeolite into 3D2017NATURE MATERIALS16132138
Morris, SA; Bignami, GPM; Tian, Y; Navarro, M; Firth, DS; Cejka, J; Wheatley, PS; Dawson, DM; Slawinski, WA; Wragg, DS; Morris, RE; Ashbrook, SEIn situ solid-state NMR and XRD studies of the ADOR process and the unusual structure of zeolite IPC-62017NATURE CHEMISTRY910121018
Hanson, ED; Lajaunie, L; Hao, SQ; Myers, BD; Shi, FY; Murthy, AA; Wolverton, C; Arenal, R; Dravid, VPSystematic Study of Oxygen Vacancy Tunable Transport Properties of Few-Layer MoO3-x Enabled by Vapor-Based Synthesis2017ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS27
Ortega-Liebana, MC; Hueso, JL; Ferdousi, S; Arenal, R; Irusta, S; Yeung, KL; Santamaria, JExtraordinary sensitizing effect of co-doped carbon nanodots derived from mate herb: Application to enhanced photocatalytic degradation of chlorinated wastewater compounds under visible light2017APPLIED CATALYSIS B-ENVIRONMENTAL2186879
Karmaoui, M; Lajaunie, L; Tobaldi, DM; Leonardi, G; Benbayer, C; Arenal, R; Labrincha, JA; Neri, GModification of anatase using noble-metals (Au, Pt, Ag): Toward a nanoheterojunction exhibiting simultaneously photocatalytic activity and plasmonic gas sensing2017APPLIED CATALYSIS B-ENVIRONMENTAL218370384
Moure, A; Rull-Bravo, M; Abad, B; Del Campo, A; Rojo, MM; Aguirre, MH; Jacquot, A; Fernandez, JF; Martin-Gonzalez, MThermoelectric Skutterudite/oxide nanocomposites: Effective decoupling of electrical and thermal conductivity by functional interfaces2017NANO ENERGY31393402
Armao, JJ; Nyrkova, I; Fuks, G; Osypenko, A; Maaloum, M; Moulin, E; Arenal, R; Gavat, O; Semenov, A; Giuseppone, NAnisotropic Self-Assembly of Supramolecular Polymers and Plasmonic Nanoparticles at the Liquid Liquid Interface2017JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY13923452350
Kasneryk, V; Shamzhy, M; Opanasenko, M; Wheatley, PS; Morris, SA; Russell, SE; Mayoral, A; Trachta, M; Cejka, J; Morris, REExpansion of the ADOR Strategy for the Synthesis of Zeolites: The Synthesis of IPC-12 from Zeolite UOV2017ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION5643244327
Setaro, A; Adeli, M; Glaeske, M; Przyrembel, D; Bisswanger, T; Gordeev, G; Maschietto, F; Faghani, A; Paulus, B; Weinelt, M; Arenal, R; Haag, R; Reich, SPreserving pi-conjugation in covalently functionalized carbon nanotubes for optoelectronic applications2017NATURE COMMUNICATIONS8
Sangiao, S; Martin, S; Gonzalez-Orive, A; Magen, C; Low, PJ; de Teresa, JM; Cea, PAll-Carbon Electrode Molecular Electronic Devices Based on Langmuir-Blodgett Monolayers2017SMALL13
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Ramirez, A; Hueso, JL; Mallada, R; Santamaria, JIn situ temperature measurements in microwave-heated gas-solid catalytic systems. Detection of hot spots and solid-fluid temperature gradients in the ethylene epoxidation reaction2017CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL3165060
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Nunez, JD; Benito, AM; Rouziere, S; Launois, P; Arenal, R; Ajayan, PM; Maser, WKGraphene oxide-carbon nanotube hybrid assemblies: cooperatively strengthened OH center dot center dot center dot O=C hydrogen bonds and the removal of chemisorbed water2017CHEMICAL SCIENCE849874995
Canton-Vitoria, R; Sayed-Ahmad-Baraza, Y; Pelaez-Fernandez, M; Arenal, R; Bittencourt, C; Ewels, CP; Tagmatarchis, NFunctionalization of MoS2 with 1,2-dithiolanes: toward donor-acceptor nanohybrids for energy conversion2017NPJ 2D MATERIALS AND APPLICATIONS1
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Lajaunie, L; Pardanaud, C; Martin, C; Puech, P; Hu, C; Biggs, MJ; Arenal, RAdvanced spectroscopic analyses on a:C-H materials: Revisiting the EELS characterization and its coupling with multi-wavelength Raman spectroscopy2017CARBON112149161
Ortega-Liebana, MC; Chung, NX; Limpens, R; Gomez, L; Hueso, JL; Santamaria, J; Gregorkiewicz, TUniform luminescent carbon nanodots prepared by rapid pyrolysis of organic precursors confined within nanoporous templating structures2017CARBON117437446
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Istif, E; Kagkoura, A; Hernandez-Ferrer, J; Stergiou, A; Skaltsas, T; Arenal, R; Benito, AM; Maser, WK; Tagmatarchis, NSelf-Assembled Core-Shell CdTe/Poly(3-hexylthiophene) Nanoensembles as Novel Donor-Acceptor Light-Harvesting Systems2017ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES94469544703
Benito, J; Sanchez-Lainez, J; Zornoza, B; Martin, S; Carta, M; Malpass-Evans, R; Tellez, C; McKeown, NB; Coronas, J; Gascon, IUltrathin Composite Polymeric Membranes for CO2/N-2 Separation with Minimum Thickness and High CO2 Permeance2017CHEMSUSCHEM1040144017
de Mendonca, VR; Avansi, W; Arenal, R; Ribeiro, CA building blocks strategy for preparing photocatalytically active anatase TiO2/rutile SnO2 heterostructures by hydrothermal annealing2017JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE505454459
Martin-Saavedra, F; Ruiz-Hernandez, E; Escudero-Duch, C; Prieto, M; Arruebo, M; Sadeghi, N; Deckers, R; Storm, G; Hennink, WE; Santamaria, J; Vilaboa, NLipogels responsive to near-infrared light for the triggered release of therapeutic agents2017ACTA BIOMATERIALIA615465
Jaime, J; Rangel, G; Munoz-Bonilla, A; Mayoral, A; Herrasti, PMagnetite as a platform material in the detection of glucose, ethanol and cholesterol2017SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL238693701
Osorio, HM; Martin, S; Milan, DC; Gonzalez-Orive, A; Gluyas, JBG; Higgins, SJ; Low, PJ; Nichols, RJ; Cea, PInfluence of surface coverage on the formation of 4,4 '- bipyridinium (viologen) single molecular junctions2017JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C51171711723
Feng, HY; Luo, F; Arenal, R; Henrard, L; Garcia, F; Armelles, G; Cebollada, AActive magnetoplasmonic split-ring/ring nanoantennas2017NANOSCALE93744
Martinez, L; Mayoral, A; Espineira, M; Roman, E; Palomaresa, FJ; Huttel, YCore@shell, Au@TiOx nanoparticles by gas phase synthesis2017NANOSCALE964636470
Herrer, L; Sebastian, V; Martin, S; Gonzalez-Orive, A; Perez-Murano, F; Low, PJ; Serrano, JL; Santamaria, J; Cea, PHigh surface coverage of a self-assembled monolayer by in situ synthesis of palladium nanodeposits2017NANOSCALE91328113290
Camargo, BC; Lassagne, B; Arenal, R; Gatel, C; Blon, T; Viau, G; Lacroix, LM; Escoffier, WPlatinum tripods as nanometric frequency multiplexing devices2017NANOSCALE91463514640
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Ortega-Liebana, MC; Hueso, JL; Arenal, R; Santamaria, JTitania-coated gold nanorods with expanded photocatalytic response. Enzyme-like glucose oxidation under near-infrared-illumination2017NANOSCALE917871792
Bartolome, E; Cayado, P; Solano, E; Mocuta, C; Ricart, S; Mundet, B; Coll, M; Gazquez, J; Meledin, A; van Tendeloo, G; Valvidares, SM; Herrero-Martin, J; Gargiani, P; Pellegrin, E; Magen, C; Puig, T; Obradors, XHybrid YBa2Cu3O7 Superconducting-Ferromagnetic Nanocomposite Thin Films Prepared from Colloidal Chemical Solutions2017ADVANCED ELECTRONIC MATERIALS3
Uribe, BEB; Chiromito, EMS; Carvalho, AJF; Arenal, R; Tarpani, JRTEMPO-oxidized cellulose nanofibers as interfacial strengthener in continuous-fiber reinforced polymer composites2017MATERIALS & DESIGN133340348
Criado, M; Sanz, B; Goya, GF; Mijangos, C; Hernandez, RMagnetically responsive biopolymeric multilayer films for local hyperthermia2017JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY B585708578
Deokar, G; Vancso, P; Arenal, R; Ravaux, F; Casanova-Chafer, J; Llobet, E; Makarova, A; Vyalikh, D; Struzzi, C; Lambin, P; Jouiad, M; Colomer, JFMoS2-Carbon Nanotube Hybrid Material Growth and Gas Sensing2017ADVANCED MATERIALS INTERFACES4
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Sani, T; Gomez-Hortiguela, L; Mayoral, A; Chebude, Y; Perez-Pariente, J; Diaz, IControlled growth of nano-hydroxyapatite on stilbite: Defluoridation performance2017MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS2548695
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Guesh, K; Caiuby, CAD; Mayoral, A; Diaz-Garcia, M; Diaz, I; Sanchez-Sanchez, MSustainable Preparation of MIL-100(Fe) and Its Photocatalytic Behavior in the Degradation of Methyl Orange in Water2017CRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN1718061813
Calatayud, MP; Soler, E; Torres, TE; Campos-Gonzalez, E; Junquera, C; Ibarra, MR; Goya, GFCell damage produced by magnetic fluid hyperthermia on microglial BV2 cells2017SCIENTIFIC REPORTS7
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Sebastian, M; Lira-Navarrete, E; Serrano, A; Marcuello, C; Velazquez-Campoy, A; Lostao, A; Hurtado-Guerrero, R; Medina, M; Martinez-Julvez, MThe FAD synthetase from the human pathogen Streptococcus pneumoniae: a bifunctional enzyme exhibiting activity-dependent redox requirements2017SCIENTIFIC REPORTS7
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