LMA Scientific Seminars

  LMA Scientific Seminars


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  • LMA webinars 2020
    The cycle of our seminars “LMA Webinars 2020” will begin on November 20, 12:00. They will be developed online through ZOOM.
    Dr. Álvaro Mayoral, 2th March 2021, 12:00 GTM+1 Madrid
    ZOOM: bit.ly/3dCZmpC
    Dr. Blanca Bauluz, 5th February 2021, 12:00 GTM+1 Madrid
    ZOOM: bit.ly/3oBxKmO
    Dr. Ángel Merchán Pérez, 15th January 2021, 12:00 GTM+1 Madrid
    ZOOM: bit.ly/2MSmVQ2
    Dr. Marta Navarro, 18th December 2020, 12:00 GTM+1 Madrid
    ZOOM: bit.ly/2WfQU5I
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  • 11 March 2016. Guillermo Antorrena: “X-Ray Phoelectron Spectrocopy at LMA. New Capabilities”.
  • 24 June 2015. José Luis Díez: “Atomic Force Microscopy at LMA. Capabilities, Results and Perspectives”.pdf
  • 3 March 2015. Rodrigo Fernández Pacheco: “Transmission Electron Microscopy of Biological Materials”.pdf
  • 10 February 2015. Soraya Sangiao: “Electrical contacts to individual nanostructures fabricated using a dual beam equipment”. pdf
  • 16 December 2014. Marten Piantek: “Non-contact AFM for the characterization of physical properties on the atomic scale”. pdf
  • 11 November 2014. Cesar Magen and Roger Guzman: “Direct observation of polar state in multiferroic (Sr1-xBax)MnO3 thin films