The Tecnai T20 (Thermofisher company) is a versatile Transmission Electron Microscope for the analysis and characterization in Material Science or Life Science. The working voltages in this microscope are 80 and 200 kV, and it is equipped with cryo-blades and low-dose software for the imaging of the extremely electron beam sensitive materials, as well as for vitrified samples (Cryo-TEM).

The expertise of our scientific and technical staff is also offered to researchers from public and private research centers and also to professionals from industrial sectors that require the use of this equipment.

Image (Resolution 0.24 nm)

  • Size and morphology information (TEM).
  • Crystalline Structure (Electron Diffraction and High Resolution TEM).
  • Imaging of beam sensitive materials; e.g.: polymers, gels, organic and biological material.

In situ Physical properties measurements

  • Changes of crystalline phase (Electron diffraction)
  • Defect structure by Bright Field/Dark Field imaging (BF/DF) and Weak Beam imaging (WBDF).

Tecnai T20 works at 80KV or 200KV. It is equipped with a thermoionic gun (LaB6) and a SuperTwin® objective lens, that allows a 0.24nm spatial resolution. The microscope is equipped with two CCD cameras:

  • Veleta CCD 2k x 2k, for fast acquisition and a wide field of view.
  • Eagle CCD 2k x 2k for High resolution imaging.

Tecnai T20 is also equipped with a Gatan cryo-holder for the observation of vitrified samples (cryo-TEM) or the analysis of materials which require to be observed at low temperature.

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