Access protocol

LMA equipment is available for public and private research centres, as well as the Industry, nationally and abroad.

In order to request access, one of these two ways can be chosen:

Request via SAI-UZ platform: valid for all techniques. Registration at the SAI platform is COMPULSORY. Registration process is explained later in this site.

Scientific proposal via ELECMIplatform: only for UNIQUE equipment request, registration at elecmi.esis required. A scientific proposal is required, and once approved a discount rate is applied. Besides, the user can ask for an open access certificate.

These are the steps for both types of Access:

1- Access to LMA-SAI services:

    1. Log in with your username and password here:
    2. From the upper menú choose “Solicitudes” (Requests) to display the services list.
    3. Choose the option“Advanced Microscopy Laboratory – LMA (Alianza SAI – LMA)” for access to the LMA services.

IMPORTANT: This option must be chosen in order to Access to LMA services.

  1. Choose the technique and fill in the form with the details and desired options.
  1. Download this MANUAL[Download]
  2. If you have any queries regarding the registration process, please send an email to

2 – Scientific proposal via ELECMI platform (only for UNIQUE equipment)

If you wish to use any of the equipment defined as “unique”, you may benefit from a discount rate, making the request through the National Facility (ICTS) ELECMI:

-Access is competitive, a scientific proposal is required.

-Received proposals are evaluated by an external comittee. The evaluation process is independent and transparent.

IMPORTANT: The approval of a proposal does not imply automatic reservation of equipment. Once the proposal is approved:

  • A request for the desired service has to be done following the steps: Access to LMA-SAI services”.
  • The PROPOSAL CODE, that you will receive by email has to be included in the request, so as to identify your project.

You may find more details about the evaluation process in:

List of Unique Equipment at the LMA:

  • DUAL BEAM HELIOS 600&650

How to request Unique equipment at the Elecmi website: 


1- Look for the equipment you need (Menu “INFRASTRUCTURE”/Equipment/Unique Equipment) and click on Request

2- Log in with your username and password.

3- Fill in the form and upload your proposal.

  1. Look for the equipment you need (Menu “INFRASTRUCTURE”/Equipment/Unique Equipment) and click on Request
  2. Log in with your username and password.
  3.  Fill in the form and upload your proposal.
  1. Go to
  2. Create a new user clicking on REGISTRO. The registration process will only take you one minute.
  3.  You will receive an automatic email to the indicated email address (this might take some minure, just in case check your SPAM folder).
  4. Confirm your user clicking on the provided link, and go back to the ELECMI website.
  5. Look for the equipment you need (Menu “INFRASTRUCTURE”/Equipment/Unique Equipment) and click on Request
  6. Fill in the form and upload your proposal


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