Research at LMA

The significant advances attained by Science and Technology in the past few years are essentially based on the capacity to observe and control along the preparation process of new materials. This has been enabled by the development of electron and scanning probe microscopies.

There is actually a wide range of interdisciplinary research lines based on the knowledge of matter morphology, structure, surface properties, functionality, etc., which imply observing and prototyping at nanometric and even atomic level.

The LMA is a unique opportunity for the development of these research lines.

Laboratorio de Microscopías Avanzadas

We are a unique initiative at national and international levels. We provide the scientific and industrial community with the most advanced infrastructures in Nanofabrication, Local Probe and Electron Microscopies for the observation, characterization, nanopatterning and handling of materials at atomic and molecular scale.

Contact information

Campus Río Ebro, Edificio Edificio I+D+i

C/ Mariano Esquillor, s/n
50018 Zaragoza (España)

Tel.:(+34) 976 762 980