International Summer School on Nanofabrication and Transmission Electron Microscopy Characterization


Extraordinary Courses Programme – University of Zaragoza

Jaca (Huesca), 18-22 July, 2016

ELECMI (Spanish Excellence Network on Materials Electron Microscopy) and NANOLITO (Spanish Excellence Network on Nanolithography) organize the International Summer School on Nanofabrication and Transmission Electron Microscopy in the framework of the University of Zaragoza’s Extraordinary Courses Programme, and offer financial support to attend.

Aim of the course: 

The goals of the course are to introduce the students in the fields of:

Nanofabrication of materials. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of the structure of materials in the final properties of the compound and its possible applications. It will delve into some of the most advanced techniques in nanolithography that make use of local probe microscopies, nanopatterning and focused ion and electron beams.

Characterization of materials by Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM). It will dig into the fundamentals of this type of microscopy analyzing its great versatility and potential of use by showing the student how different imaging techniques in bright field (BF), dark field (DF), high resolution (HRTEM) or different scanning TEM imaging techniques (STEM) allow to obtain accurate information on the morphology, the microstructure, the presence and nature of defects and the crystalline structure at the atomic scale.

Associated TEM techniques will also be explored, including EELS, , HAADF and ABF. Application examples will be provided for a better understanding of the potential of this technique in inorganic, magnetic and bio materials.

Language of instruction: English

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