Rates Non-profit research centers

Rates from January 2024

TEM Area Services

TEM EQUIPMENTNon-profit Research Centres ( €/hour)*.
Titan Image140
Titan Analytical162
* It will be billed in sessions of 4 or 8 hours, never in fractions of these.

*The use of the cryo-holder sample holder entails an increase in the fee of 5%.

DUAL BEAM Area Services

DUAL BEAM EQUIPMENTNon-profit Research Centres (€/hour)*
Helios 600110
Helios 650110
Nova 20090

SEM Area Services

SEM EQUIPMENTNon-profit Research Centres (€/hour)*

Characterisation services

EQUIPMENT CharacterisationNon-profit Research Centres
XPS67 (€/hour)
XRD56 (€/hour)
XRD392 (€/day)

*In the case of XPS:
As a general rule, it will be billed by 7-hour sessions (or half sessions of 3.5 hours). In the case of self-employed users, as a general rule, the minimum time will be 1 session (7 hours).

*In the case of XRD:
The full day rate will apply only in those special cases where the analysis can continue in stand-alone mode without the need for technician intervention beyond the technician’s working day.

XRD consumables usedNon-profit Research Centres
*1 mm quartz capillaries25

*Note: Users can contribute their own capillaries at no extra charge.

Servicios del Área de SPM

The rates listed below for environmental AFM/STM do not include tips. These may be provided by the user or will be provided by the service (see rates)

SPM EQUIPMENTNon-profit Research Centres (€/hour)
AFM/STM Multimode 535
AFM/STM Multimode 835
AFM/CSI Nano-observer35
AFM consumables usedNon-profit Research Centres
AFM Probes for Topography (AFM Probes for Topography)33€/unit
AFM Probes for Advanced Modes and Applications (AFM Probes for Advanced Modes and Applications)*Please note: prices vary depending on the purchase price from the supplier

Note: Users may bring their own tips at no extra charge.

SPM EQUIPMENTNon-profit Research Centres (€/day)
STM LTqPlus Omicron156
STM Specs JT156
STM Aarhus VT123

*In the case of Omicron STMs and Specs JT/VT, a minimum of one session (1 working day) will be invoiced.

CLEAN ROOM MICROMANUFACTURINGNon-profit Research Centres €/hour
Micro-manufacturing in clean room50

The LMA Clean Room is equipped with equipment that allows micro-manufacturing processes to be carried out in a controlled environment of class 100 (ISO5) and/or 10000 (ISO7).

Examples of micro-manufacturing processes in the Clean Room of the LMAObservation
Optical lithography with conventional resinsSB Class 100
Optical lithography with SU8SB Class 100
Dry etching with RIESB Class 10000
Dry etching with IBESB Class 10000
Wet etching on Chemical BenchSB Class 10000
Thin film growth by E-Beam PVDOnly technical personnel are authorised to use
Thin film growth by PECVDSB Class 10000
Thin film growth by spin coaterSB Class 100
O2 plasma and/or vacuum furnace treatments.SB Class 10000
Characterisation with optical microscopeSB Class 100
Characterisation with mechanical profilometerSB Class 10000
Electrical characterisation with microneedle stationSB Class 10000
Electrical contacts using a micro-soldering stationSB Class 10000
Precision saw cutting of chips and substratesOnly technical personnel are authorised to use
Anodic bonding of wafersSB Class 10000
Chemical bench lift-off processesSB Class 100
Chemical bench sample cleaningSB Class 100
Sample preparationSB Class 100 and/or 10000

Researchers from UNIZAR and from public or private centres, as well as professionals from the industrial world who require clean room micro-manufacturing processes, have at their disposal, on request, the full technical support of our highly qualified and experienced staff. In these cases, a personalised study will be made of each proposal and, if necessary, an indicative budget will be drawn up.

*Note available material:

E.g. Material available SBRATE
Cleanroom cloths**Consult
Fabmate Liner**Consult
4" silicon wafers**Consult
4" Wafer Boxes**Consult

**Prices vary depending on the purchase price from the supplier.

Servicios de preparación de muestras

AreaSample preparation laboratoryOPI
UltramicrotomySucrose infiltration13
UltramicrotomyPositive staining (Osmium tetroxide) (1-5 samples)12
UltramicrotomyPositive staining (Osmium tetroxide) + dehydration (1-5 samples)20
UltramicrotomyPositive staining (Ruthenium tetroxide) ( 1-5 samples)25
TEMNegative staining7
TEMResin embedding (TEM: 1-4 samples)20
TEMCross-section / tripod56
TEMPlanar view / tripod30
TEMIon milling35
TEMIon milling (stand-alone) -
TEMVitrification (not including grid)25
TEMArgon cleaning14
SEMSample preparation (mounting, fracturing, cutting, etc.) 18€/h
SEMResin embedding20
SEMFixing, dehydration and drying in HMDS (1-5 samples)(SEM)12
SEMSemi-thin sections (SEM quality)15
SEMSemi-thin slices (cryogenic conditions)(SEM quality)15
SEMMechanical polishing14
SEMCoating (Pd, carbon, etc.)18

Other Servicies

In any of the services45

(*) It is recommended to consult with the person in charge of the service for an estimate of the time needed to prepare the report, depending on the user’s needs and the volume of data to be processed or interpreted.

Laboratorio de Microscopías Avanzadas

We are a unique initiative at national and international level. We provide the scientific and industrial community with the most advanced infrastructures in electron microscopy and local probe microscopy for the observation, characterization, nanostructuring and manipulation of materials at the atomic and molecular scale.

Contact information

Campus Río Ebro, Edificio Edificio I+D+i

C/ Mariano Esquillor, s/n
50018 Zaragoza (España)

Tel.:(+34) 976 762 980

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