Access Protocol


Access protocol


Access without proposal

To access the LMA facilities without presenting a scientific proposal, you only need to fill in the online form available on the LMA website. In a short period of time, you will receive an email communicating the date or dates on which you can use the requested equipment.


Access with proposal

To access the LMA facilities, users must send a scientific proposal describing their requirements. On the LMA website there is a standardized form for scientific memory (Access section with proposal/ICTS) that must be completed and submitted. Within a maximum period of 10 days, you will receive an email with the result of the request.
The proposal will contain the following information:
  • Administrative data of the person or group leader
  • Description of the scientific or technological target that you want to carry out in the LMA; the relevant technical issues and the scientific background of the applicant or applicants, as well as any special requirements that the project may have.
  • The requested instrument or instruments.
  • The time you need to use the requested instrument
There will be a permanent open call to send applications with scientific memory.
When the application is accepted, the LMA area manager will assign a technician to help the applicant. You will be notified about the resolution and you will be invited to discuss any details with the LMA technician.

Evaluation process

Proposals are sent to LMA and depending on the requested equipment, they are received by the corresponding area manager, who in turn will transfer it to a member of the User Selection Panel (PSU).
Each proposal will be evaluated by the PSU according to the following selection criteria:
  • Scientific and / or technological merit of the proposal (score: weak: 0, outstanding: 10. Cut-off value 5)
  • Applicant’s investigative capacity (score: weak: 0, outstanding: 10. Cut-off value 5)
  • Technical questions, feasibility of the experiment, real need of the LMA instrument for the proposed work


Proposals with a total score of less than 10 will be rejected. The rejection of a proposal will always be accompanied by a report written by a USP referee. The report, if deemed appropriate, could include recommendations and suggestions for the improvement and forwarding of a new proposal.
Applications will be accepted in strict order according to the score and available measurement times.