The Transpyrenean Node for Scientific Instrumentation (TNSI) is a 1,9 M€ project conceived to enable cooperation in R&D and technology transfer between SMEs and research centres based in the Spain-France border regions. The TNSI project is 65% cofinanced by the European Interreg V-A program POCTEFA through ERDF funds. TNSI is participated by 3 SMEs, 1 Spanish Singular Infraestructure (ALBA) and 5 word-class research centres. The activities of the consortium are focused on nanotechnologies, advanced materials and manufacturing processes.

INA is one of the involved research centres, handling a budget of 218 k€. Its role within the project is to provide access and training to the unique techniques available at the Scanning Probe Methods area of the LMA. Thanks to their flexibility and top performance, LMA laboratories are ideally suited to test TNSI prototypes and the applications portfolio of new technologies. The LMA personnel participating in TNSi offers as well continuous R&D training in surface science methods to all partners.

Laboratorio de Microscopías Avanzadas

We are a unique initiative at national and international levels. We provide the scientific and industrial community with the most advanced infrastructures in Nanofabrication, Local Probe and Electron Microscopies for the observation, characterization, nanopatterning and handling of materials at atomic and molecular scale.

Contact information

Campus Río Ebro, Edificio Edificio I+D+i

C/ Mariano Esquillor, s/n
50018 Zaragoza (España)

Tel.:(+34) 976 762 980